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Personal Service of court papers

We serve court documents in and around Kent, South Essex and South and South East London.

All process serving is recorded by Body Worn Video, and is available on request.

We will provide a written statement, certificate or affidavit depending on what is required. Please contact us for more information and our pricing. Discounted prices are available for regular instructions. 

Intel & Tracing 

Finding debtors, witnesses or long lost family and friends and background checks. 

Using various databases and Open Source Techniques we will find the person or information that you are looking for whether in the UK or elsewhere in the world. We have a very high success rate in tracking down gone aways and also long lost family and friends. We also work for solicitors in tracking and finding witnesses, claimants or defendants for court cases. 

We also provide complete background checks for employers, landlords and spouses. Contact us for our pricing, if you need regular tracing services, we offer discounts. 


Family History and Probate Matters

At RTJ investigations we have professional genealogists working with us, and will trace your family tree for you and uncover a wealth of history regarding your ancestors. We also use these skills in order to complete probate enquiries for solicitors and the courts. 


Criminal, Civil, Insurance and Road Traffic Accident Investigations, Unused Material and CPIA reviews. 

Previously working as a detective in the police service for over 20 years our principle investigator has the experience you need to work on your case. Whether you need a statement taken, a crime scene analysed for evidence that has been missed, a scene of a road traffic accident investigated and mapped for the courts, then look no further and let us assist you. 

Our team will also look at court papers, the evidence and unused material to ensure that CPIA has been complied with and court processes completed. 

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