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Family History_

Family Portrait

As the lead investigator at RTJ, I am passionate about family history and genealogy and since starting the company I have done lots of studies into researching family history, I have traced my own family back to the 1600s and I am passionate to share my expertise to those who need it. 

RTJ investigations are here to help you trace your family, and will happily construct your family tree and uncover your family secrets. We have access to many online databases and a collection of software and sources that we have built up over the years. 

Our family research is charged per hour, in 1/2 or full days, and we recommend that initially you book 1/2 days work which allow us to learn about you and your family, and then we will start looking into your tree, and can give an indication of how much work we think you will need to get your family uncovered. 

You will have access to see all that we have done, and the ownership of any family tree will be given to you after our enquiries finish. 

As well as building family trees we will happily research probate cases for a percentage of the final estate and look to reunite heirs with the money that is theirs before it lines the government's pockets. 

Please contact us for more information.

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