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 About Us_ 

RTJ Investigations and Process servers

[ Based in the Kent, England ]


Staffed by ex-police officers and staff, with assistance from Investigators across the United Kingdom, we are fully trained and insured and licensed by SIA. Our team are trained in criminal investigations, statement taking, fraud, missing persons tracing, child and adult protection cases. The team are also trained to high standards and have diplomas in private investigations. 

The are professional, work with confidentiality and integrity and they will not let you down.

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Set up in 2020 after leaving the Police service, RTJ is an investigation company which operates in the South East of England but has links all across the United Kingdom. We offer services to the public, businesses and to solicitors and lawyers who need to employ a professional investigator to assist with court cases both criminal and civil. Our team have been trained in handling and packaging evidence to high standards and suitable for the criminal justice service. 

Our services are affordable and professional, and will be efficiently and expertly completed. We also work with other Investigators in the UK and will select the right person for the job, and you can be confident that your enquiry will be conducted diligently and quickly. 

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you, and how reasonable our rates are.

Whether you need a process server, investigator, mystery shopper or data broker look no further than us!

We are part of the UK Professional Investigators Network, licensed by the SIA, MSPA qualified and DBS checked. We are also fully insured so you can use our company with confidence and peace of mind. 

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